A Doctor Billionaire for the Cowboy (Book 3)

He gave her everything… but then she destroyed him. A second chance fake fiancée romance about love, mistakes, and the path to forgiveness.

Cowboy Jax Dexin thought his best days had arrived the day he’d met Simone. His future was clear, and she was it. Life was buttermilk and roses with her.

But then she broke his heart and stomped all over it. Simone Addison left him with scars and vanished.

So when she jumps in a few years later to save him in front of his meddling family, his immediate reaction is to refuse her. To send her back to whatever hole she crawled from.

Then he sees it for what it is—an opportunity to make her pay. To shatter her like she’d done to him. To make her rue messing with him.

Doctor billionaire Simone Addison has only one regret in her life—the day she gave up Jax. She’d loved him and never stopped. 

And she hopes he can forgive her for breaking his heart.

Becoming his fake fiancée wasn’t the best way to get back to him, but with the history between them, she had no choice. 

But the cold and aloof man in front of her was no longer her sweet and kind cowboy. Melting his frozen heart now seems impossible. 

Then the unexpected happens.

The icy exterior of Jax’s traitorous heart starts to crack and melt. 

Even though he detests her for breaking his heart… almost as much as he wants her.

Even though she could become his downfall again.

At least it isn’t an actual relationship, he tells himself. It’s only pretend. 

Until it isn’t…

A DOCTOR BILLIONAIRE FOR THE COWBOY, a sweet second chance fake fiancée medical cowboy romance, is the third standalone book in A Cowboy Loves the Doctor series.