A Doctor Blind Date for the Cowboy (A blind date medical romance)

A cowboy and a doctor. Two paths headed in opposite directions. But could a blind date give them the love they both secretly want?

Dr. Zoey Brown had a list of things she’d hoped to do once she’d finished her Emergency Medicine fellowship:

  • Review multiple offers to work at a leading city hospital. Check.
  • Go on a long overdue vacation. Double check.

Well, a blind date was nowhere on her list after being burned one too many times.

At her friend’s urging, she ends up in western Dexin Valley to check out a new ER center. Two weeks of relaxing vacation with no strings attached wasn’t supposed to be hard, right?

Yet she hadn’t counted on being roped into a blind date with Dex Dexin, the one man who’d witnessed her most embarrassing moment on arrival in town.

Dex Dexin was hoping to find a wife soon who would share his love of the ranch but planned to do so on his own terms, as a man who valued his privacy.

But a chance encounter with Zoey sets off a chain reaction that has him tripping all over himself in situations that makes him want to retreat into his shell.

Yet he can’t seem to forget her.

As they rediscover more of themselves, will the afraid-to-commit Zoey and the semi-recluse Dex give love a chance even if it means finding it through a blind date?

This is a sweet/clean blind date medical cowboy romance with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA.