“Come.” The director pulled her along by the hand. “There’s someone I need you to meet.” They stopped short in front of Phillip. “Sarah, meet Phillip. Phillip is one of out regular volunteers here and brought us this wonderful Christmas tree that you see behind us. Phillip, Sarah is a special daughter after my own heart and just came in from California.”

But Sarah didn’t hear the rest of the director’s words. All she could see was a tall handsome young man with brown eyes like chocolate pools that drew her in, dressed in an army-green-colored cashmere Henley with dark blue jeans that seemed to have been made just for him. This was one handsome dude. As much as Sarah shied away from relationships, she still appreciated a great eye candy when she saw one.

“I believe we’ve met.” His voice soothed her like balm while his eyes twinkled with mischief.

“Are you sure?” she couldn’t recall seeing this face. A face this gorgeous could not be forgotten.

“You really can’t remember?” His eyes expressed surprise at her blank expression. “We met earlier today at the Prestige Mall parking lot.”

Parking lot? Sarah thoughts raced to put the pieces together. Then it dawned on her. It was the guy in the vintage truck!

Sarah felt her face grow warm. Oh shoot! This was terrible.

“Parking lot?” The director looked from Sarah to Phillip.

Sarah quickly locked eyes with Phillip and pleaded with him not to tell the director.